2418LG1 Fiber Optic Distribution/Drop Splice Closure 1-18 Splice

The 2418LG1 Distribution/Drop Closure was designed for all plant applications Mini-LXE Cable, Dielctric Drop Cable, and Outside Plant Jumper.  It will accommodate a maximum of 18 fusion splices when used with coated fiber or 6 fusion splices with buffer coated fiber.  External grounding is accomplished with a customer furnished #12 copper conductor.  Sheath isolation for cables entering different ends is a standard feature.

Design: In-Line
Application: Aerial, UG, Buried
Cable Entrances: 4
Cable OD Inches: .23-.36
Individual Fusion Splice Capability: 18

Product Code: 2418LG1
Part Number: 107 502 056-CT

2418LG1 Data Sheet (263,11 KB)