2600 Series Closure Accessories

D-182212 Bonding and Grounding Kit
Comcode: 105 694 038CT
Hardware and instructions for bonding and grounding one metallic fiber optic cable.

Metal Aerial Mounting Kit
Comcode: 106 685 290CT
Stainless steel straps, strand clamps, and instructions for strand mounting the closure.

Metal Aerial Mounting Kit (no aerial clamps)
Comcode: 107 188 633CT
Stainless steel straps (no aerial clamps) and instructions for mounting the closure.

Metal Wall Mounting Kit
Comcode: 106 878 887CT
Stainless steel straps, galvanized hangers, galvanized bar, and instructions for wall or rack mounting the closure.

Metal Pole Mount Kit
Comcode: 108 055 146CT
Galvanized steel bracket, stainless steel straps for closure and instructions for mounting the closure on a pole.

Plastic Mounting Kit
Comcode: 846 280 758CT
Plastic spacers, straps, and instructions for strand, wall, or rack mounting the closure.

2500/2600LG2 Hanger Bracket
Comcode: 106 571 581CT
Hardware for vertically suspending the closure in a pedestal or lowering it into a manhole.

D-182438 Encapsulant Kit (encapsulant not included)
Comcode: 106 406 804CT
Clear encapsulant wrapper, seals, funnel, and instructions for replacement use or cable additions.

O-Ring Seal Kit
Comcode: 846 280 709CT
End plate O-ring seals, lubricant, and instructions for replacement of damaged O-ring seals.

Spare Parts Kit
Comcode: 846 579 357CT
T-bolt and hex nut for replacement use with the stainless steel V-band retainer.