3000 Series Hardware Accessories

Universal Cable Ground
Comcode: 108 001 900CT
Hardware to bond LXE cables electrically with outside cable diameters from 0.2 to 0.8 inches (5.1 to 20.3 mm)

Ground Hardware Kit
Comcode: 108 001 918CT
Hardware for adding an additional ground lug connection for external grounding.

Pole Mount Kit
Comcode: 108 261 009CT
Hardware for mounting closure to wooden or metal pole.

Strand Hanger
Comcode: 107 871 311CT
Hardware for attaching the 3000SC Closure to an aerial strand.

Ground Lug Insulator Kit
Comcode: 108 260 993CT
Hardware to electrically isolate one external cable ground connection from earth ground.

3000 Series Hardware Accessories