3000 SC/EC Fiber Optic Splice Closure 2-2016 Splices

The 3000SC/EC Fiber Optic Splice Closure is a sealed, in-line, glass reinforced, plastic, stand-alone, reenterable closure needing no outer closure or encapsulant.  The closure is designed for harsh environments in aerial, handhole, buried, and underground applications.  Resilient, reusable grommets are used for cable sheath sealing.

This Kit contains a tall, extended cover for increased splice capacity.

Note: the 3000SC closure has been designed to allow conversion of cables and splice trays from the UCB Closure series when additional capacity is required.

Design: Butt
Application: Aerial, UG, Buried
Cable Entrances: 4 .25-1.25 inch OD Cables Or 8 .25-.75 Inch OD Cables
Cable OD Inches: .25-1.25
Individual Fusion Splice Capability: 648
Mass Fusion Splice Capability: 2016
Individual  Mechanical Splice Capability: 648
Mass Mechanical Splice Capability: 576

3000 SC/EC Data Sheet (0,65 MB)