UCB Series Outer Closure Options

UCB Closure Cover
Comcode: 107 127 664CT
Outer closure for corrosion protection in outside plant, no grommets required. Requires 3500 grams of encapsulant.

D-182823 Re-entry Kit
Comcode: 107 227 944CT
Re-entry kit for UCB Closure Cover.

153A Strand Hanger
Comcode: 106 301 765CT
Pair of aerial strand hangers for the UCB Closure or the UCB Closure Cover.

51D3-LG2 Outer Closure
Comcode: 103 921 938CT
Outer closure protection for outside plant, contains 2 blank grommets. Order cable grommets below. Requires 10,000 grams of encapsulant.

D182121 Re-entry Kit
Comcode: 104 228 434CT
Re-entry kit for 51D3-LG2 Outer Closure.

54A Strand Hanger
Comcode: 103 118 865CT
Pair of aerial strand hangers for the 51D3-LG2 Outer closure.